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No matter your location, budget or industry, ensure your advertising budget is offering you a positive return on your investment. As a freelance PPC consultant I can offer you hands on account management that gets results by understanding your business and working with you to deliver results.

Does my business need a Pay Per Click freelancer?

If you need a trusted, accountable and professional freelancer to help cut through the confusion associated with Pay Per Click and ensure your business is visible on the Google Search Results Page then I may be the freelancer you are looking for. 

PPC Results, Not Empty Promises

  • I spend time understanding your business and on your PPC account so to ensure I deliver the best possible results
  • No contract
  • You have full control of how much you spend on PPC advertising
  • Monthly reporting and jargon-free analysis
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Services I Offer Your Business

  • Google Certified

    Google certified account manager with a proven track record of success will ensure your account is in great hands. 

  • Location Targeting

    Focus Ads and budget on geographic locations that suit your products or services.  

  • Demographic Targeting

    Target age and gender demographics that suit your products or services. 

  • Device Targeting

    Allocate your budget and manage your business message based on the device that is being used to search.

  • Day Of Week Targeting

    Choose to only show your Ads when you are available to take a call or focus your spend on, historically, high converting days. 

  • Hour Of Day Targeting

    Run your ads during office hours, increase your exposure over lunch or reduce exposure early in the morning. 

  • Extensive Negative Keyword Lists

    Exclude terms and search intent that will not result in a sale or lead. Our extensive market research will stop wasted ad budget spend before it happens. 

  • Attractive Ad Copy

    Attractive ad copy that sells your product or service to the person conducting the search. Attracting the right customer at the right time so to ensure the best return on your ad spend. 

  • Measurable Return On Ad Investment

    Ongoing feedback and reporting that offers valuable business information in a clear and precise manner.  Visible data on your return on ad spend. 

PPC Information

Work With Me To Achieve The Results You Need

Why Use A PPC Freelancer

Setting up a new PPC account can be daunting. Multiple settings to choose from that, at first glance, do not appear to be key but may affect account performance. 
Setting up Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Negative Keywords, Ad Copy and Extensions is just the beginning. I continually monitor every element of your account and test new variations and elements so to find the right combination for you and your business (and then I test again). 
Hands On Management
I spend time managing your account the old fashioned way, by delving into the data and making manual adjustments to improve account performance. I don't rely on automated systems, I rely on my knowledge and experience. 
Tailored Strategy 
I understand that every business is unique. I take the time to learn about your business and your industry before offering an opinion on the best way forward for your PPC account. I treat every penny of every client Ad account as my own. 
Keywords & Ads
Google rewards relevancy and we believe in creating tight knit keywords within Ad Groups with relevant Ad Copy that links back to your website copy. I think of every click as a journey, from the person conducting the search typing in their query, to the message your Ad offers them to attract the click and to the landing page copy that they are presented with when they click the Ad. Imagine this journey as a seamless, consistent, message and the experience that this will offer a potential customer. 
You will be aware of other agencies in the PPC industry and the promises that they make. You get to speak to the same person every time you want to discuss your account and I do not hide behind layers of management, I work with, and for, you, offering great service each and every time. 


Don't have a Google Ads account? I can build one for you for a one off fee of £150. This includes all Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads and Extensions.

My monthly management fees are based on your Ad spend and are outlined in the table below.


  • One Off Fee For Full Account Build


£29 / month
  • Monthly Ad Spend Between £0 And £300


£49 / month
  • Monthly Ad Spend Between £301 And £500


£79 / month
  • Monthly Ad Spend Between £501 And £800


£99 / month
  • Monthly Ad Spend Between £801 And £1000


£250 / month
  • Monthly Ad Spend Between £1001 And £3000


  • Of Ad Spend Per Month

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